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  1. Flash based website?  – iPhone users aren’t seeing your website and just went to your competitor’s site.
  2. Flash based navigation system? – See above….
  3. Your visitors are mobile. – Google reports that 40 percent of all searches are presently being conducted on a mobile device.
  4. More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone. – Since January 2007 when the iPhone was introduced, smartphones have become a fixture in American culture. Don’t believe it? Look around you the next time you are in a coffee shop or restaurant or retail store….
  5. Mobile users expect a simplified (and a quick loading) browsing experience. – While modern smartphones can render full websites (with the exception of Flash for iPhones- see above), mobile users expect a site that loads quickly, is easily navigable (without pinch-zooming) and contains plenty of functions and sections that are pertinent to mobile users.
  6. Mobile traffic is exploding. – Mobile web use is growing 8x faster than initial internet use occurred, according to Eric Schmidt, Google CEO.
  7. mCommerce.  – $20.7 billion was spent shopping while using a mobile site in 2012. Want to be part of it in 2013? You need a mobile website
  8. More economical than developing an app for your business. – One great mobile website can eliminate the need to create multiple or separate mobile apps for each platform i.e. Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry.
  9. Your SEO will be better. – Search engines rank businesses that offer both standard and mobile websites higher than those without the mobile-optimized version.
  10. Your customers are using their cell phones while watching TV. – A recent study by Pew Research showed half of all adults use their mobile phone while home watching TV. Over 20% of that use is surfing the web.

For more information about the process of developing a mobile site and rates, please contact us today. In most cases, we can mobilize your current website for you within 24-48 hours of initial interview.