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Everybody wants more traffic to their website.  What you may not realize is there are many low cost to no cost ways in increase your traffic (many of them offline). Below are 20 things below that you can easily, quickly and relatively inexpensively.

  1. Include your web address on your business card.
  2. Include your web address on your letterhead.
  3. Include your web address on your envelopes.
  4. Include your web address on any remaining print material you have.
  5. Use your domain as your main email address.
  6. Include your web address on your vehicle signage.
  7. Set up a Facebook page for your web site.
  8. Set up a Twitter feed for your web site.
  9. Link your personal Facebook page to your web site page.
  10. Wear baseball caps? Wear one with your web address.
  11. Have company T-shirt or golf shirts? Include your web address.
  12. Include web address in email signature.
  13. Get listed in Google Places.
  14. Get listed on Yelp.
  15. Submit your domain to search engines and include a sitemap.
  16. Include web address in outgoing voicemail.
  17. Include web address when leaving voicemail.
  18. Have videos for your product or service? Create a YouTube channel and tag your videos with your web address.
  19. Tag images on your web site with your web address.
  20. Be sure to submit your web address to any professional directory for your industry or organizations you belong to.

In the upcoming days, I will expand on each point.  If you want further help immediately, please feel free to contact me.  For your free copy of the list with explanations, feel free to contact me.