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About Haley Consultants

Haley Consultants began designing websites in 1997. While working in the retail consulting industry, existing customers wanted a website, yet were shocked at the exorbitant prices then being charged by the few design firms in existence. With the blessing of his current employer, armed with 14 years of business consulting experience, and several HTML books, and no idea what would happen next, Haley Consultants began writing its first website.

From there, we have grown to a full-service design and consulting firm that has published over 450 sites for customers in fifteen states, Canada, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Spain. By taking advantage of VOIP services as Skype, no matter where you are, we can have a face to face discussion of your wants and needs.

We focus on the following area, but are available to discuss other services for your company:

Site Design
Site Hosting
Graphic/Logo Design
Business Plan Development
Site Maintenance
Brochure Design/Photography
Building and Maintaining your Social Media Presence
We pride ourselves in delivering quality solutions for our clients, on time and on budget, with exceptional customer service. We believe fast-loading pages with good content will mean much more to a site’s visitors than flashy, slow-loading graphics and sound files.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations, provide solutions your company, clients, and visitors can be proud of, while making certain the solutions you envision are not cost prohibitive.