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In my last blog I promised you some examples of companies successfully using Facebook to increase sales. I realized afterwards that the companies that are really making the most out of their Facebook presence aren’t just selling. With voicemail systems full of push 1 for this, and 2 for that, the norm, many customers and companies are finding the interaction to be a huge bonus.

In this blog, I decided to focus not on the large companies such as Sprint, and Coke that have huge Facebook pages and followings. Instead, I looked at one company and how Facebook has impacted their business.

Larsen Wilkes, Chef / Owner of Bordeaux’s Prime Steakhouse near Austin, Texas has had a web site and successful email marketing campaign for several years. In the last year Wilkes noticed the impact his newsletters created was not as significant as in the past . He also noticed that the number of emails opened was declining even though he had more subscribers than ever.

Bordeaux’s created a Facebook Fan page, and began informing customers in the restaurant, via a link on their web, and their newsletter. In a short period of time, the Facebook page has become a place for customers to comment, ask about upcoming specials, learn about upcoming and often unadvertised specials, and learn about special events. One recent special event was the annual Bordeaux’s Valentines Wine Dinner. Due to the popularity an extra sitting was scheduled. The increased popularity was in large part due to the response from fans on Facebook.

Another pleasant surprise for Chef Larsen has been the resurgence in sales for his cooking DVD that was mentioned on his restaurant page. Wilkes, Date Dishes DVD was produced a few years ago, and after a recent mention on Bordeaux’s Facebook page followed by comments from past buyers sales have spiked recently.