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Here is a short video that shows my project board. All of these projects came from interacting with people I met online via social media. Remember I am not talking about your personal Facebook page, but your business Facebook page. For more help on this, look for Jeffrey Gitomer's outstanding book Social Boom! it is [...]

In my last blog I promised you some examples of companies successfully using Facebook to increase sales. I realized afterwards that the companies that are really making the most out of their Facebook presence aren’t just selling. With voicemail systems full of push 1 for this, and 2 for that, the norm, many customers and [...]

Everybody has had heard of Facebook. Often I hear comments like isn't that the thing my niece/nephew/daughter/son spends all of his time doing? I don't think I want my business on that. What you might not know is with over 480,000 new users joining per day – it is the fastest growing social networking site [...]