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Client Referral Video

The video below is from a very happy and satisfied client of Haley Consultants.  As with many small business owners, we rely on our reputation and referrals from our clients.  Rest assured that every person that you refer to us becomes a valued customer.

10 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website

Flash based website?  -- iPhone users aren't seeing your website and just went to your competitor's site. Flash based navigation system? -- See above.... Your visitors are mobile. -- Google reports that 40 percent of all searches are presently being conducted on a mobile device. More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone. -- Since January 2007 when [...]

Why Should My Business Have A Mobile Site?

Over 50% of the nation is mobile. 95% of mobile search is LOCAL info. 92% of mobile users take action. 74% will purchase. 27% purchased via mobile site. 9 out of 10 users take action. 61% call the business. 59% visit the business. 36% purchase in store. 43% use mobile only. Ever tried surfing a [...]

Use Hootsuite To Schedule Your Tweet

Here is a quick video showing you how to schedule your Twitter posts for the day. I have had a few clients lately that want to post to Twitter, but don't want to logon and send them six or seven times a day. Using Hootsuite, I will show you how you can schedule all your [...]

I Fix Your Free Website

Today I have a very quick blog and video about a current trend that I see developing that bothers me. That is the "free" website. Here it is 2011 and people still try to hook customers in with the something for nothing ad campaigns. Worse, people fall for it. Here is a funny story from [...]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great addition to traditional SEO work that you do, but it’s not a substitute. If your ultimate goal is to get ahead in the SERPs (search engine results page) and be found by your target audience, Social Media Marketing can enhance your SEO work. Through social media marketing you can [...]

Everybody wants more traffic to their website.  What you may not realize is there are many low cost to no cost ways in increase your traffic (many of them offline). Below are 20 things below that you can easily, quickly and relatively inexpensively. Include your web address on your business card. Include your web address [...]

Video as an SEO tool?

Think the idea of using video to improve your traffic is crazy? Your not the only one. Often when asked, people will tell you the idea seems pretty crazy or far fetched. In fact, using video for traffic growth and is becoming one of the most popular ways to increase your site's online presence. You [...]

Everybody has had heard of Facebook. Often I hear comments like isn't that the thing my niece/nephew/daughter/son spends all of his time doing? I don't think I want my business on that. What you might not know is with over 480,000 new users joining per day – it is the fastest growing social networking site [...]

Why you Need a Website

4 Reasons why you need a website to stay competitive Internet Presence: Your competitor has a website...do you? -- The internet is continuing to be the method of choice for finding information. An investment in a website pays for itself when it brings more customers to your business! Information Anytime: Your website is always open. Provide [...]