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Client Referral Video

The video below is from a very happy and satisfied client of Haley Consultants.  As with many small business owners, we rely on our reputation and referrals from our clients.  Rest assured that every person that you refer to us becomes a valued customer.

Going Mobile

It won’t be long before the web is accessed by more mobile users than traditional laptop/desktop users. In many countries, this has already happened. On a recent visit to Starbucks, I noticed more people on the web via iPhones, Android phones, and iPads than laptops. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told [...]

Use Hootsuite To Schedule Your Tweet

Here is a quick video showing you how to schedule your Twitter posts for the day. I have had a few clients lately that want to post to Twitter, but don't want to logon and send them six or seven times a day. Using Hootsuite, I will show you how you can schedule all your [...]

Another Common Web Design Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes I see when clients and prospects ask me to look at their website, is no ability to expand the site. You should not have to redesign the site to simply add a blog, or in the case mentioned in this video a bulletin board. Recently a client asked me to [...]

More Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

In this latest video from "Thoughts From A Web Veteran", I wanted to continue talking about some of the most common web design mistakes I see when analyzing websites for new clients and prospects . In today's video I discuss colors and text and the common mistakes I see when designing a new site. Avoid [...]

In this latest video from "Thoughts From A Web Veteran", I wanted to talk about two more of the most common mistakes I see when looking at websites. That would be unclear navigation. Websites that load slow and it turns out they loaded slow because you get blasted with music or a video that starts [...]

Two Of The Most Common Website Mistakes

In my latest video, I wanted to talk about two of the most common mistakes I see when looking at websites. All Flash websites that can't be seen on an iPad or iPhone. Not being able to find any contact information on a site. Hope this video is helpful, and please see my contact page [...]

Part 2 of I Fix Your Free Website

Thursday, 16 June 2011 00:32 Today's quick video talks about how some of these "free" websites look and operate on a mobile platform such as an Android phone or iPhone or tablets such as the iPad or Galaxy Tab. As much as 30% of web browsing, according to Google, is done on a mobile platform. [...]

I Fix Your Free Website

Today I have a very quick blog and video about a current trend that I see developing that bothers me. That is the "free" website. Here it is 2011 and people still try to hook customers in with the something for nothing ad campaigns. Worse, people fall for it. Here is a funny story from [...]

Here is a short video that shows my project board. All of these projects came from interacting with people I met online via social media. Remember I am not talking about your personal Facebook page, but your business Facebook page. For more help on this, look for Jeffrey Gitomer's outstanding book Social Boom! it is [...]