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Today I have a very quick blog and video about a current trend that I see developing that bothers me. That is the “free” website. Here it is 2011 and people still try to hook customers in with the something for nothing ad campaigns. Worse, people fall for it. Here is a funny story from another website that illustrates my point.

Your site is the first impression people have of you. Spend the money, and take the time to do it right. Spent most all day yesterday and last night “fixing” a site that the client got for “free” with their web hosting package. It caused a huge amount of stress for them to find somebody to correct the original and the site ended up costing more because it was a rush / emergency job.

Find a professional to do your site once, and do it correctly. Make sure it has the ability to expand when you want to add a shopping cart, or a blog, or modules for social media. Don’t be caught where you have to redesign your website, when you decide to add one of these things later.

Hope this was helpful, and you found the video funny or entertaining with a point. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit my contact page and use any of the methods there to get in touch.