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  • Over 50% of the nation is mobile.
  • 95% of mobile search is LOCAL info.
  • 92% of mobile users take action.
  • 74% will purchase.
  • 27% purchased via mobile site.
  • 9 out of 10 users take action.
  • 61% call the business.
  • 59% visit the business.
  • 36% purchase in store.
  • 43% use mobile only.

Ever tried surfing a restaurant site on your Android or iPhone and given up because it requires so much scrolling or “pinching and stretching”?? After about a minute of this did you give up? If you don’t have a mobile website for your business, people are probably doing that when searching your site right now!

Google now estimates: Mobile device use will overtake desktop traffic on the internet by 2014.

We can create a  mobile version of your current website quickly and efficiently. If you are satisfied with your current content, turnaround for this service is less than 48 hours! Call us today for pricing!